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Our School is a Faith Community - ready, able and willing to learn.
We inspire a love of learning in all so that we reach our unique potential.
The light of Christ guides us now and in the future.
His life and love provide our anchor in this ever changing world.

Faith in School

Without the Church we would not have a parish, and without our parish we would not have our Catholic Schools. Our priests give guidance in the spiritual life of the School. As a class, Year-group or whole-school, we often celebrate Mass and other Acts of Worship, to which parents and friends are welcome. Requests for children to receive First Holy Communion and Confirmation have to be made to the Parish Priest.

We expect children to make a contribution to the parish in time and effort and by being part of the active congregation. Parishioners support school functions, encourage our pupils and set an example for them as the future adults of the Church.