St Marie's Catholic Primary School and Nursery is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and expects all staff, volunteers and parents to share this commitment. If you have any concerns regarding a child, please contact one of our Safeguarding Leads at the school office.
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St Marie's Catholic Primary School and Nursery is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and expects all staff, volunteers and parents to share this commitment. If you have any concerns regarding a child, please contact one of our Safeguarding Leads at the school office.


Year 1

Here We Are

1SR Class Closure Remote Learning



Home activities to complete









Mr Mc – YouTube links



Spellings –












Common Excpetion words










Pg – 42 & 43


Continue to listen to YouTube video’s –

A Bear Called Paddington



Reading –

How to play marbles (worksheet)

Lady Lucy ( Worksheet)




Pg – 15, 16, 17


Repeated addition (worksheets)





Making a rain measure (see instructions) please take photos and keep evidence of measure on sheet in GREEN topic book.



Keep your own weather diary.



Toy Changes game – Please make and play with your child.

The Old Toy Room | Twinkl Originals Children's Book Reading

Find the ebook here 👉 Join our Twinkl authors each day for a read through of one of our Twinkl Original children's storybook...

Rotation Cycle 3

 Blended Learning




Online activities to complete






Topic / RE


Mr Mc – YouTube links – added daily




Spellings: for, short, born, horse, morning , moor, score, before, war, sure




Common Exception words: by, my, here, there, where, love, come, some, one, once, ask, friend




CGP – page 11


Mini copy of the story – The old toy room -  ch to spot and underline the adjectives


Using your toys at home create an imaginative story. Write your story using adjectives.



CGP – page 30


Doubling and halving worksheets







Disucss the materials that your toys are made of  - what makes that a good material to use?



 Explore the story Bible story of Daniel and The Lion’s Den and then create your own teaspoon prayer.



Daniel & The Lion's Den - Virtual Sunday School

Hello and welcome to the first ever episode of Virtual Sunday School! This week we look at the theme of 'PRAYER' and the Bible story of 'Daniel & the Lion's ...

Daniel in the Lion's Den

Blended Learning

Rotation cycle 2








Mr Mc – YouTube links – added daily



Spellings – very, happy, funny, party, family, dizzy, smelly, silly, jolly, sunny






Common Excepetion words –

You, your, they, she, so

CGP – pg 14

Use Mr Mc phonics to support – Lesson 7


Label a favourite toy at home: CH to draw and label the toy – ensuring they use adjectives


Write a sentence to say why it is their favourite toy – use because to say why.


Write an invitation for your family to come to the picnic.


Make a shopping list for the picnin and either enter onto online shop or take to the shop to purchase


Brown Bear – Eric Carle


CGP – pg 28


How much does the ice-cream cost?


Baking biscuits - problem solving


Money bingo


Identify coins


Money challenge cards





Keep bean diary at home  - recording height etc


Plan a healthy menu for teddy bears picnic

Create a teddy brear picnic – take a photo.


Draw a detailed picture of your favourite toy.


Ask older family members about their favourite toy – what was it like? What did you play with?  Etc

You can also complete research on the internet to find out about toys from the past.


Cycle 2 spellings

Blended Learning

Rotation Cycle 1

Click on the word document below for links

Cycle 1 spellings

Home Learning ... Thank you for sharing some of your lovely activities linked to Maths with Parents and to other activities linked to our class page. Lovely to see you all being so busy and sharing your talents with your families!

Added 15.05.20: A Huge Range of Science Challenge Cards. Please Note You Will Need Adult Support.

Virtual School Games #stayhomestayactive

Added 22.04.2020: Have a go at re-inventing an everyday object Wallace & Gromit Style! Registration required. Link Below:

Easter craft activity ideas

Added 31.03.20: Free music resources to try at home. Available at:

Added 27.03.20: A large collection of resources to support those children with English as an additional language (scroll down). Available at:

Added 25.03.20. The Maths Factor is now free for parents. Available at:

Added 25.03.20 Rob Biddulph, award winning author and illustrator, is releasing draw along tutorials every Tuesday and Thursday. Available at:

Access resources on Twinkl with their free code...

Happy Mothers Day! Here are some more of the children's Mothers Day Artwork inspired by Rennie Macintosh

Story writing today using Rory’s Story cubes

Mother’s Day artwork- Rennie Mackintosh

What was Jesus like?

Our topic Flight...

We were inspired by Monet’s Impressionism artwork
Up, up, up and away!
What would you say?

BEEGU - where did she come from? Will she ever get any friends?

We slowly revealed the story...
What would BEEGU’s friends be like back home?
Poor BEEGU just wanted some friends!

Thank you to the children who completed some of our Great War activities at home.

The Great War... we have read many books based on WWI and discovered that not just people got Bravery Medals.

We are getting ready to celebrate Jesus’ birthday!

Our first Bronze Number Bond achievers! Well done everyone you have worked very hard!

Class collective worship remembering the soldiers who died in the Great War

One Day in Our Blue Planet... in the Savannah. The children have loved our Power of Reading text, learning about animals in the Savannah and where to find out more information.

The Creation... we have thought about what our creator gave us and Polar animals so that we could survive. We also made links to how we can protect God’s creation!

We’ve now moved closer to the equator...

Which continent is the Savannah on?

POLES APART... we have learnt so many new things!

Seven Continents Geography/Seven Continents Song for Kids

Learn the seven continents of our Earth. Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America, Oceania and Antarctica with this fun, educational music video. brought to you by Kids Learning Tube! Don't forget to sing along! Support Kids Learning Tube by becoming a Patreon today at the link below!

Using our knowledge about the Polar Regions we have started to write our own stories.

The characters didn’t speak on the film so we created our own speech bubbles.

We have loved the book and film Lost and Found

How do polar bears stay warm?

One hand was in blubber (vegetable fat)
Or blubber hand stayed warm!

How do penguins stay dry?

First we coloured our penguin in with wax crayons.
Then we sprayed it with blue coloured water.
Oily feathers keep them dry!

Have a look at what we are doing this term.

Have a look at the exciting learning we have planned for the term ahead...

The newest additions to St. Marie's Primary - our Reading Bears! Our fluffy, friendly friends are looking forward to reading with you at home...

The children are learning about numbers using a new scheme called Mathematics Mastery. Below is one example of a transition song that the children sing when moving from one activity to another. Try singing along too!

The 2 Times Table Song (version 1)

It's a maths song with Mr Numbers to teach children the 2 times table. Version 1 has the multiplier second. Written and performed by A.J. Jenkins. Copyright 2010 A.J.Jenkins/KidsTV123: All rights reserved. For free MP3s, worksheets and much more: Kids songs song for children

Number Bond Challenge

Ten template and number bond challenge

Maths Meeting Wall

Months Of The Year Song

It's a months of the year song to the tune of Michael Finnegan or the Ten Little song. Performed by A.J. Jenkins Copyright 2009 A.J.Jenkins/KidsTV123: All rights reserved. For MP3s, worksheets and much more: Kids songs song for children Chords D A D A D

1AB wins attendance bear!

Protective Behaviours

Protective Behaviours

The children have just finished their year one unit about protective behaviours. The photograph above shows some of the work the children have completed.  


These lessons are designed to keep the children safe and tackle a range of different issues. 


We have discussed bodily awareness, creating a network of trusted people, identifying warning signs and understanding emotions. 

Year 1 Phonics and Reading Workshop

Mrs Brunyee
Mr Turner

Online Safety


With the use of technology increasing in our world, now more than ever it is important to keep children safe online.


On Safer Internet Day, the children in year one discussed the uses of the internet. We thought about the positives of using ICT to help research and learn new facts. The children shared their experiences of being online, and how the behaviour of others can be unkind and where they can find help and support.

Here are some links for more information:                                 

Below is a video from CEOP, which teaches some handy tips of how to stay safe online in a story.

CEOP KS1 Film : 'Lee & Kim' Cartoon Suitable 5 yrs -- 7 yrs

Cartoon 'Lee & Kim' if you have small children from 4 -- 7 years then you should let them view this short 10 minute cartoon, which is designed to keep them safe whilst online and more importantly, this cartoon teaches them in their early years.

Back in Time - Tudor Day

Art Day

Do you like our fantastic paintings?

Parents' Evening


At our recent parent consultations, each child received a pack of maths, grammar and comprehension activities which could be completed as revision at home. 


This included a phonics game and the photograph below shows the game in action! You can create some very funny names for your alien, and then segment and blend to read their name. 





Measure & Maths


This week,  the children have been using balances to find the lightest or heaviest objects in a group.


They have used the star words: lighter, heavier, lightest, heaviest, balance and level to explain their thinking.  


New curriculum for Mental Health

The 'Mind Up' series is a new way of thinking.