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Our School is a Faith Community - ready, able and willing to learn.
We inspire a love of learning in all so that we reach our unique potential.
The light of Christ guides us now and in the future.
His life and love provide our anchor in this ever changing world.

Religious Education

Year 5 were visited by Fr. Tom, who answered a variety of questions about his role and responsibilities within the church. The children will use Father's answers to write an explanation text providing information about the roles and responsibilities of a priest working in a Parish.
Please see the policies for RE and SMSC.

Corpus Christi Procession

On Thursday 26th May 2016 St Maries Community celebrated Corpus Christi, with the school and parish joining together and processing up towards the church. We then gathered in the church for a Benediction. The First Holy Communion church were dressed in their special outfits and the whole community jubilantly sang throughout the procession.

On Saturday 14th May St Maries school and church community celebrated First Holy Communion. The children looked wonderful and their behaviour was reverent. We thank all those who attended and have helped the children in their spiritual journey.
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This Lent, Cafod are inviting us to Make a Splash! by thinking about people in our world who are not able to enjoy clean water.


Water is essential. We need water for so many things. People need fresh, clean water to stay healthy. When people are healthy they can go to school or go to work. Vegetables need water to grow. Animals need water too.


But almost a billion people in our world don’t have clean water near their homes. Many have to walk for hours to fetch dirty water from the nearest river. This is the only water they have – they drink it, wash with it and bathe in it. And because the water is dirty, it can cause disease. Find out more through this website link http://picturemyworld.cafod.org.uk/water/ there are videos to watch and a Lent calendar to use. 


One Wednesday 10th February at 11am, the school will be holding an Ash Wednesday mass. Parents are more than welcome. Children will be writing prayers on droplets of water to offer up during the offertory. These will be written in class. 


We encourage children to give during Lent, so each classroom will have a Cafod donation box for children to bring in any loose change. 


Many thanks for all your support.


Mrs. Edwards

Raising money for Cafod

Make a Splash hall display. Filled with prayers, written on droplets, for those without a clean supply of water.

Make a Splash hall display. Filled with prayers, written on droplets, for those without a clean supply of water. 1

Lenten displays throughout the school

'Make a splash' with Year 1.


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The children in Year one made rain pictures using a technique called impressionism. We decided to give our pictures away to our parents and grandparents for a small donation for the ‘make a splash charity’. We managed to make £40 pounds!!
We also wrote a prayer for those children who aren’t as lucky as us to have clean water and sent it up in a balloon.

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St Maries in the press


Click on the following link to read a blog from Cafod about our 'fabulous fundraising'